> Art00+4 publication. 2004. Text by Pierre-Olivier Rollin.
> Live tree in White Chapel Hospital, London. 1997
> And... If the tree refused... ? Text by Félix Roulin. 1994

Art00+4 publication 2004. Text by Nathalie Joiris

The main purpose of my work, in which I use live plants, computer graphics settings of imaginary sculptures, and recently videos, is to cast another look on ourselves and the world. The themes that I choose, my interrogations (because it is about my questions or feelings), are related to Man and its multiple, complex and ambiguous relations with himself, with the others and with his environment, the contexts he creates or he undergoes on an individual or planetary scale. Thanks to this tools, I try to tell about us by using moments under the form of metaphors or interpreted realities. Without talking about nature protection or a popular ecology, this desire to talk about the human being meets another question: our relation with time that pierces us. This time rhythms imperturbably the natural movement of life. At the dawn of the 21st century, with worldwide growing urbanisation and more and more specialised technologies in the Western countries, don’t we forget to live in the world at its true speed? With the silent development of plants within the sculptures, to the rhythm of seasons and years, I try to make this flying time visible, because very often, the rhythm of time in the industrial society overrides the time of life. By adding plants that can be found in most places of the world, I try to formulate thoughts, create pieces in a language that I try to make comprehensible beyond cultural and geographic borders.

Nathalie Joiris 2004