> Art00+4 publication. 2004. Text by Pierre-Olivier Rollin.
> Art00+4 publication 2004. Text by Nathalie Joiris
> Live tree in White Chapel Hospital, London. 1997

And... If the tree refused... ? Text by Félix Roulin. 1994

“ And... If the tree refused... ? “

The vocabulary of Nathalie Joiris seems to be simple : the opposition of organical to geometrical shapes. Even of elements, vegetal opposed to mineral, tree to steel.

However this antagonism, which gives meaning and Energy to the sculpture, leaves a glimpse of violence and aggressively. Is it that of modern mechanic world created by Human Being who masters nature by damaging and torturing it ? Or is it the violence of Man himself which the artist reveals. There are sharp edges through the body of the tree into the sculptures which leave barely any doubt. But recent projects go even further ? She introduces freshly cut trees, still alive into the sculpture. Soon, there will be living trees restrained in these metal structures : will these be new celibate machines ? From this moment onward, the sculptor is not innocent anymore. Her intervention enlarges, towards the living world itself. The tree which cannot escape isn’t it a hostage, does it not pay for someone else ?

In art, everything is metaphor, the part for the whole, the body of the tree for the trunk of the Man.

Félix Roulin, March 1994. Sculptor