> Art00+4 publication. 2004. Text by Pierre-Olivier Rollin.
> Art00+4 publication 2004. Text by Nathalie Joiris
> And... If the tree refused... ? Text by Félix Roulin. 1994

Live tree in White Chapel Hospital, London. 1997

By working with live tree and stones, my desire was to use an universal vocabulary on which, without any words, every body from any country could remember its own roots and build its own story.

My choice of a fig tree and granite from Europe is clearly influenced by the history and the life of White Chapel.

From the beginning of the existence of London until now, East End including White Chapel has been the most polyglot area of the city and the poorest part of London.

Through centuries, mass immigrant communities came to live there changing the urban environment by their culture and their work.

They were Irish, French, Italian, Dutch, Eastern European (especially Jews), etc.

The different Jews immigration from the last century to this one mainly came to live in White Chapel.

The more recent immigration dates back to 1964 by the arriving of Pakistan and Indian communities.

Even if White Chapel is still composed of a Jewish community, now, the highest population is from Pakistan.

My choice of a live fig tree was not innocent.

By using the fig tree, my desire was to work on the uniting of the occident and Orient which are present in White Chapel. My wish was to work with a tree on which Oriental people could recognise a part of their culture and natural environment from their country of origin.

Nathalie Joiris, 1997