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Interactive installations made with Michel Cleempoel

Since several years, Nathalie Joiris, sculptor and Michel Cleempoel, digital artist, produce joint projects. They create interactive installations, result of a dialogue between their own world. They combine the univers of vegetal sculptures, a certain kind of perception of the world through videos and photos and the representation of human being images by using digital technologies. Since 2006, they participated with interactive installations in various collective exhibitions. In 2008, they presented their first solo exhibition in MAAC (Maison des Arts Actuels des Chartreux) in Brussels.

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ENCONTRO E DESENCONTRO In a dark exhibition space, two videos are projected in parallel onto a wall. Each one presentes moving pedestrian’s shadows projected by car’s headlights onto a wall. With the help of infra red webcam, visitor’s silhouettes are captured, transformed in white shadows and retranscribed in real time into projected videos. Their image being thus visible, visitors are invited to move in the space to join pedestrian’s shadows exhibited into videos.
By presenting this type of interactive installations in which there is a dialogue between shooted shadows and captured visitor’s shadows in real time, our goal is to be able to confront two times, one time over and memorised and a real time captured and transformed, to reveal a moment where meet past and present. Pedestrian’s shadows were captured during 3 consecutive nights onto a wall in a Sao Paulo street in Brazil.
The interactivity combined silhouettes from Sao Paulo and others.
Interactive installation created with Max/MSP/Jitter.

Picture from both videos

Visitor silhouette included, passing by from one video to the other

In a dark room, movements of visitors silhouette are projected on wall, inside them, a video of nature whirls.
Captured and retranscribed in real time, they overprinte themselves onto previous visitors offering a combination of presences from past and present.
Created with Max/MSP/Jitter.

A screen presents images of landscapes taken by Nathalie during her travels. When the visitor approaches, its presence is detected and starts according to its movements, the appearance of logos related to the world of nature (pictograms of animals, plants, shell, biogenic salts, etc.)
With each visitor passage in front of the sceen, the image of nature presented and the group of logos are renewed randomly.
The goal of this installation is, ironically, to confront the seductive image of nature and the human industrial activity which asserts to be part of it but destroys it.
Created with Max/MSP/Jitter.

CACTUS EYE This interactive sculpture presents a cactus planted in a sphere and set on a revolving turntable.
Using a webcam included into the sphere, the presence and the movement of the visitor are detected allowing the cactus to direct itself towards this one.
The plant seems to want to meet the visitor, to seek the dialogue but also, in an ambiguous way, to attack it.
Created with Max/MSP/Jitter et Arduino.

This installation is made of 4 videos called NOVA I, NOVA II, NOVA III, NOVA IV.
Each of them presents sequences of firework explosions shoot during a night in Japan by Nathalie.
Shadows of silhouettes are included in a random way.
Conceived to be established In Situ, this installation was projected during the night on 4 windows in a gallery ground floor in Brussels. Thus giving the sensation that particular scenes occurred inside.

This video installation presents a serie of silhouette shadows in a whirl of cupins.
Silhouettes are included in a random way.
Cupins, in portugues, means flying termites.
Million of them fly once a year to build new colonies. They destroy major part of woodworks, nightmare of tropical constructions.