123... Piano

123 PIANO, name borrowed from a children's game, is an interactive installation based on the materialisation of wind, especially the one crossing air currents in space.

Induced at the same time by the architecture of the place and the physical movement of the visitors, the air currents are made perceptible thanks to the presence of small balls of paina flakes which, depending on the flow, twirl, collide or continue harmoniously, chaotically from one corner to the other of the surface that the winds delimit.

Visitors are invited to walk around the installation and, if they wish to get caught up in the game, interact with this dance of playful appearance as a passive spectator by its presence in the space or active by acting on the fans via sensors.

Multi-view piece. 
At first glance, it's a simple playful and poetic game pushing from one corner to the other of the space small balls but the spectator will discover that when he enters the place, he sets a countdown which, after a certain number of minutes, will end the scene. 
A series of fans will then light up, pushing the balls towards the centre to come into contact with the heating resistor, which has become incandescent catch fire and disappear.

End of the game!
This piece was born out of a desire to talk about women in the world, those who cannot decide their own lives and switch without any transition from little girl status to mother.

The materialisation of the draughts with the help of these small balls of paina allows me to touch upon the subject, a metaphorical way for evoking the physical and social impact of this passage; a duality par excellence where coexist at the same time soft, fluid, playful, hard and violent, joyfull, sad, dangerous, fatal, deadly tensions.

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