Entre pensées et réalités 2016

Installation created for Armand Steurs Square, Brussels Belgium

In this piece, I wanted to connect two universes: the human being in perpetual movement who builds, deconstructs and his thoughts also in permanent movement.

In one hand, the human being body represented in the background by the monumental work “Le groupe des carriers" from sculptor Guillaume Charlier.
Here, the bodies of men at work, muscles tense, are carved in the mass of inert stone and that of his thoughts (that of the human being)
In the other hand, his thoughts symbolised by a white, light sphere which, according to the presence or not of the wind and its direction, turns on itself above a living shrub, shaves its top or beats against its branches, leaving to each one the open question of the metaphorical object:
Is the living shrub a metaphor for the human body? Is it a metaphor of its environment that it subjugates, chases, leaves free, or simply rubs shoulders with?
Is the shrub going to let itself be done? to get around the constraint? override?

Perhaps only time to take time to observe will tell us.

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