Encontro - Desencontro 2008

Nathalie Joiris & Michel Cleempoel

In a hidden exhibition space, two videos are projected in parallel on a wall. Each of them presents the shadows of passers-by projected by car headlights on a wall of a street in São Paulo.
With the help of a infrared rays sensitive webcam, the silhouette of the visitors is captured by the camera. and retranscribed in direct time in the films in the form of a white shadow. Their image being thus made perceptible, visitors are invited to move around in the space to join the shadows of the passers-by scrolling through the videos.

By presenting this type of interactive installation, in which filmed shadows dialogue and shadows captured live, our wish is to be able to confront two times, a past and memorised time and a real time captured and transformed, to reveal a moment during which past and present meet.
Created with Max/MSP/Jitter.

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